The Feather

A broken feather does not wish to forget the memory of the sky. He still dreams about flying. The shell always carries the memory of the sea. Sometimes it becomes difficult to let go of a life that defined you. The memories will stay till your final day. Here is a poem about a broken feather, detached from his bird, its story needs to be heard.

The Sky is Yours Today

The sky is yours today. Go for it, feel it, run for it. It is your day, your life, every moment, if you feel it. Run so fast that you feel breathless, laugh so hard that your stomach aches, look at yourself and cherish the beautiful person you are. Eat your favourite food, visit your … Continue reading The Sky is Yours Today

An Ode to Life

Before making any new journey , let's be grateful for our existence. On 22nd September 2011, I had met with a serious accident which had nearly costed me my life. I was cycling at a high speed through a dangerous mountainous slope when I had this accident. I suffered from two extradural hemorrhages ( brain … Continue reading An Ode to Life