Elephanta Island

I can hear the call of the sea, I can feel it communicating to my soul !! Here I return back to the sea..

Queen of Hills – Shimla

Is there a place in a state of continuous turmoil , like a perpetual mood swing ? It will be sunny in the morning , then windy by afternoon , may suddenly start snowing by late afternoon and then may be again sunny by evening and windy by night . These are the unpredictable  state … Continue reading Queen of Hills – Shimla

Fly like a bird – Paraglide in Kamshet

We grew up reading about super heroes , demons and spirits , ghosts and fairies who all had one thing in common – the ability to fly . We even waved to the airplanes that flew above our houses . Many of us have even clicked pictures on our first plane flight!!      The idea … Continue reading Fly like a bird – Paraglide in Kamshet