I Want to be with You

My soul is reaching out for you
As my tears continue to roll like the fresh morning dew.
My heart continues to ache
As I gaze, at the sea that reaches for the sky
Its waves continue to die
But it keeps yearning for the sky
It listlessly cries
There is no answers to its sighs.
The sky also longs for the waves
For a single embrace,
For a balm of grace,
Its a relentless chase,
Between the sea and the sky.

The pole-star stands aloof adorning the world’s roof
Guiding the sailors of the sea
Bringing them close to their families
Yet it stands alone, so distant, so cold
Its stories would never be told.
That’s the price of greatness it pays
Spending alone, dark lonely days.

I don’t want to be the sky, the sea,the star
Their existence is an eternal scar
A perpetual conflict
An ever expanding rift.
I wish to share my space
I dont want to die alone on the stage
I want to bury myself in your embrace.
I’m reaching out for you
Can you catch me now?
Can you listen to my sound?
I don’t want to miss you
I want to be with you.

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