Journey of the Seed

I was like the cotton seed

Happily floating in the summer breeze,

Running to and fro

I was too happy,

Didn’t want to grow,

A cotton seed floating in the summer breeze.

The farther I went,

More joyfully I dreamt.

Dreaming and twirling till the sky went dead.

I swayed and swirled till the weather grew grim,

The sky grew duller

I felt lost, I just wanted to be drunk in colours.

My wings were weary,

My vision grew dreary as drops of rain poured from the distant drain,

Jerking me with pain

No happiness could I feign.

Slowly and sadly I was cast on the ground,

My fall didn’t make any sound!

I wish I could always be the seed,

I wish I could swim freely with the breeze.

The ground was cold but I had to be bold

My sad story would not be sold.

My wings were lost as roots emerged,

A young shoot surged

All my dreams were slowly purged.

My soul again danced as my stem branched.

Many seasons passed.

New shadows were cast.

I now bear seeds

They float in the summer breeze

Making me remember the day I was free

Making me remember old summer dreams.

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