Deception is an art. It’s like the ever changing face of the moon that dances slowly across the sky. The moon that has no light of its own outshines the stars. It’s altering countenance entices us, creates mystery. It dances and deceives. Like the moon , the impact you create depends upon the face that you wish to reveal. Honesty has never been the best policy. We are seldom honest in our daily enterprise. If we really analyse our behaviour, we are often wearing a mask, the white lies, the sugar-coat and the euphemisms. We are always  doing it consciously, subconsciously or defensively. The sooner we accept the play of words, the honesty in the dishonesty, the age old art of deception, it would become easier for us to survive.

We have to stop looking at deception as something evil. Everything is relative. Honesty often ends up hurting our friends, family and create difficulties at our workplace. We often loathe the hypocrites but they are the ones who are more likely to succeed. They understand and accept deception.

We are also being deceived everyday by social media, the entertainment industry, sports, politics. We accept the lies that confirms with our ego and the super ego. We need to question these lies and our ideas about the acceptance of truth. People start fighting over such ideas, commit violence without questioning the veracity of these notions. They start wearing a mask imposed by others.

The world is a grand stage and we have to play the role that life demands. We may hate it sometimes. We are like the moon with no light of our own. Like water we have to mould in different situations. Accept the art of deception. Deceive to achieve, deceive to survive.

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