Broken Wings

When you stitch your broken wings and get ready for another act,

You cannot really fly,

You can just react.

When the reality seems like a continuing nightmare,

With your worst enemies you have a stage to share,

You still gotta dance with your broken wings,

Your grave they shall continue to dig.

You have to pretend not to fall,

With your broken wings you cannot fly at all.

When all your childhood effigies are the monsters who shall prey,

You have the stage to pull your final act,

To spill out the words that may not weigh.

You only have these broken wings to fly past your broken dreams,

The fight will be long and weary but you can follow the light beams,

The beams that gleam in the ocean,

That sets the sailor’s heart into motion.

With your broken wings you gotta fly,

With them you have to rise high.

The earth maybe inviting you to your grave,

But you know you can be brave.

You have the entire sky to fly,

You can still rise high,

With these broken wings you will fly.

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