Spiti: The Land of Lamas

After spending a day in Nako : Land of Tranquil Waters I have started with Spiti : The Journey and I’m headed towards the capital Kaza. Spiti is known as the land of lamas. Lama in Buddhism refers to the spiritual teacher or guru. I will take you to all the monasteries that come on my way to Kaza.

Giu Monastery 

Giu village is located 8km uphill from the national highway. What makes  it really unique is that it houses the mummy of a meditating lama. This Tibetan mummy is different from the Egyptian mummy as no embalming or preservation has been done. It is more than 500 years old.

Giu Monastery
Meditating Mummy of Giu Lama



Tabo Monastery 

Tabo Monastery is located in the Tabo village and has been recognised as the UNESCO world heritage site. Tabo monastery is considered to be the oldest continuously functioning monastery in India.




Old Tabo Monastery




Dhankhar Monastery

Dhang – cliff ; kar,khar – fort  The original Dhankhar Monastery is situated at the edge of the cliff and has been built as a fort monastery. There are stories about how lamas sat in the monastery and threw stones at the invaders. Dhankar was the initial capital of Spiti valley which was later shifted to Kaza.




Old Dhankhar Monastery 


New Dhankhar Monastery


I will continue with my journey to Kaza.

See you soon.



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