The Light Beam

I try to find myself in the tiny beams that enter through the closed door,

As I lie worthless on the damp floor.

The door hardened by the winter’s cold,

So many secrets does it hold.

Can these rays melt my frozen heart

Attempting to pierce like arrows on dart.

The more I see, the more I lose myself

Its a cold winter in which I must dwell.

I fear to see what I continue to become

From these feeble beams I must run.

They cannot lead a fight

They can just throw light

At my burnt down feet

At all the foolishness and deceit,

The tiny beams creeping through closed doors

My scars they continue to adore,

Uninvited guests in a cold desert

My weary soul, they continue to hurt.

I don’t know if its right to see or to unsee

These broken wings with which I cannot flee.

I pray to the beams not to entreat

To winter  I must retreat.

So I lay behind the closed door so I must heal

For my broken heart no longer feels.

Aishwarya_ the sailor

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