Spiti : The Journey

Listen to the quiet, let it converse with your soul, let it make you whole. After spending a day in Nako : Land of Tranquil Waters I have entered Spiti. The journey is so beautiful that I have lost sight of the destination.

Spiti River

Spiti is a cold desert located in Himachal Pradesh, India. There are sparse patches of vegetation. The emerald blue waters of Spiti river are your continuous companions.


The Cold Desert
Can you spot the heart? 
The Meandering River

Spiti is a  land of Lamas. The word Lama is the name given to the Buddhist spiritual teacher. You will find innumerable monasteries on the way. In my next post we will head towards Kaza and shall visit the monasteries enroute to Kaza.

Langza, Spiti


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