Nako : Land of Tranquil Waters

Nako is a small village located in the beautiful Hangrang Valley of Kinnaur. Located at an elevation of 3625 metres,  the village is close to the Indo Tibetan border. Most telecom services fail to provide service at such height. Spending your day without phone is a blessing in disguise.

Nako village

Located in the middle of the village is the very tranquil Nako lake, reflecting the different colours of autumn. The peace and colours.

Nako Lake


Fall and its colours

Close to the lake is the Nako monastery. The local Kinnauri people had gathered to celebrate Autumn, the season of abundance. The last festivity before the  winter snows wraps the region in its heavy blanket.

Nako Monastery



Traditional Nati Dance


You can also take away antiques and trinklets. I bought some keyrings for memory.

Antique shop, Nako



I spent the night at Rikpa Homestay which I had booked through airbnb. The host was an elderly man, very gentle and warm. We all sat together for dinner. The food was delicious and fulfilling.

Rikpa Homestay
The place where we all sat down to eat together

Nako, the little tranquil village lost in time. Come and feel yourself, the simple human being that you are, a person with humble needs.


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