Khab : Friends Reunited

After staying at Sangla Valley : Seringche Village and visiting Chitkul : India’s last village , I’m headed towards Nako. My driver halts at Khab, a confluence of Satluj and Spiti rivers. Satluj after originating from Mansarovar lake in Tibet enters India through the Shipki la pass. Satluj’s journey is brightened after meeting the beautiful Spiti river.


These two rivers meet in Khab, Kinnaur. There is so much love, so much energy where the two meet that every person making a trip to Kinnaur and Spiti voluntarily halt at this place.

Can you spot the two colours becoming one?

There is a small dhaba (roadside restaurant) at this confluence where you can taste some of the best paranthas and tea.

Don’t miss their paranthas!


Khab reminds me of those rare people whose very presence makes you smile, fills you with zest and life. They rejuvenate you the way Spiti energises Satluj. If you have such friends,lovers or family  keep them close to your heart. Love them the way Spiti loves Satluj, perennially , selflessly and endlessly.




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