Chitkul : India’s last village

Chitkul, better known as India’s last village sits in the picturesque Sangla valley. I’m staying in Sangla Valley : Seringche Village and Chitkul is very close from here. Beyond this village lies China. You need the district commissioner’s permission if you wish to see the Indo Chinese border.



Unlike other villages of Sangla where nature is dominant, Chitkul is one village which sees more of human settlement. It is more commercial with a number of diverse hotels and hostels thronged by people from all over the world. Intermixed with these hotels and hostels are pretty wooden houses of the local Kinnauri people adding warmth to the entire settlement. You can also visit the infamous last dhaba.

India’s last dhaba

While I was roaming around in this tiny village, I met some school children who very enthusiastically took me to the local temple. It was a very pretty wooden temple.

Happy school children 
Chitkul Temple


If you go beyond the human settlement, you will see the real Chutkul in its raw natural state. The winds are sharp convincing you that you don’t belong there but still you are welcome.


I really loved Chitkul and spent some hours there. There is a special charm in being the last. Chitkul is India’s last village. I will be heading to Nako on the coming day .

Happy travelling!!




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