Sangla Valley : Seringche Village

Sangla Valley better known as Baspa Valley is located in the Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh, India. The Baspa river is the soul of these mountains which keeps it awake by its continuous burbling ; a continuous soothing song. Its like a lullaby in the evening and a warm hug in the cold morning.  Unlike other Himalayan rivers, the Baspa flows gently, flirting with the neighbouring rocks, loving all creatures great and small.



The sun gently rises behind these mighty Himalayan mountains and tenderly embraces the river and its rocks, brightening the romance. I wake up in Seringche ,a quaint little village in the Sangla valley of Kinnaur.




It is the autumn season and Sangla is adorned by apples, big juicy apples, one of  the best in the world. I’m staying with the Bhandari family that I booked through airbnb. Its a warm wooden house in the middle of an apple orchard. The family generously gave me a bag full of apples.


The people of Baspa not only gave me apples but they also treated me with their traditional cuisine. The owner Ajay Bhandari is a very talented chef who is happy serving his guests with one of the best possible food.

Seringche may not be one of those celebrated places marked on the map. It consoled me like an old friend. It nourished me like a mother . I felt whole, revived and relieved.



I hope you visit this village and live with the Bhandari family. You will definitely thank me!!

Happy travelling!





I will be visiting Chitkul, India’s last village on the next day.

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