The Broken Canvas : On Moving On

Don’t paint flowers on a broken canvas, no matter how beautifully you colour, the picture shall always be imperfect.. The smiles of the flowers will be tainted by the scarred canvas.Don’t try to mend broken relationships or reconcile broken friendships.

Some flowers blossom in spring, some in autumn but they all have to pass through winter.The flowers that have withered and died shall not blossom no matter how much you water the plant. You are left with the flowerpot that you bury in your bosom and cry. The flowerpot is an inanimate object. Its like a coffin in the graveyard.

I sometimes miss my friends from childhood. Friends who were like my siblings. Friends who moved to different countries, took different paths, developed different priorities and perspectives. Friends whom I loved and are missed.

Nothing is permanent. The mightiest mountains are reduced to dust with time. The strongest rocks are weathered and moulded. People who have weathered will not come back.

Instead of holding resentments or burying yourself in guilt, remember how you felt when you sat in your garden. Remember the fragrance, the vibrant colours and the laughter. Remember how you felt when you were painting the picture. Remember how you felt…

Its time to water the other plants in the garden. Its time to buy a new canvas. Its time to move on.

Forgive the plants that succumbed to winter. Forgive yourself for losing them.

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