People we trust

Sometimes we share our deepest vulnerabilities, our hatred, our secrets with someone, thinking of him/ her as our confidant. Does it not hurt when the same person becomes indifferent after knowing our truth? I may sound like a teenager. The prose version of Taylor Swift song.

But it does hurt. Betrayals hurt at any stage. A hint of dishonesty, a grin of indifference, a heartless conversation. On one hand we talk about opening our hearts and trusting people, on the other hand our relationships keep getting strained by hints of dishonesty and indifference.

How do we decide whom to trust and whom not to trust?  Should we shut ourselves up, saying the right things, behaving in a set way or should we be ourselves, opening ourselves to the world? I don’t know,  its always so confusing. To trust people and to be betrayed over and over again. I find it comfortable to keep my heart open rather than keeping my guards up, measuring my conversation. It feels unnatural and mechanical. I know I will be hurt but then I will also find some true friends. Pain is also beautiful if we are willing to keep our hearts open.

It’s good to trust, it’s good to love.

Let’s just love and forget.



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