Snakes and Ladders : the Game of Life

If you have played the game of snakes and ladder, does it not feels aweful to be bitten by the serpent on number 99?When you are so close to winning and you gotta begin again. I see life as a game of snakes and ladders. All these numbers are different milestones,  the stairs are the promotions ( deserved or undeserved) and the serpents are the challenges. While we always wish to move forward destiny(dice) is always functional.

We are all marching forth to reach the number 100 but then there are certain things which are not under our control. A major illness,  accidents,  failures,  financial loss will bite us and pull us down. Its important to remember that both the ladder and serpents are two different  aspects of the same game. Both will cause pain. Serpents will cause sudden loss of our fortunes, our esteemed position will be reduced to nothing,   our fair weather friends will depart and we will be left alone. Ladders are tricky.  They often cause a change in our temperament. We often feel that we ‘deserved’ the sudden success. We start floating in the clouds,  losing a sight of the ground,  forgetting the taste of reality. We start identifying ourselves with the sky,  with no limits to our ambition,  we just wish to soar high.

In this game of snakes and ladder, the only way to stay happy is by not being too attached to the game. As long as we are alive we shall continue to play, we shall continue to dream. One game shall give way to another. Let not these serpents feed upon our subconscious or these ladders make us too proud. Our goals or the number 100 shall continue to change with your priorities. No game is ever final, however serious we may be.

So are you ready for another round?

Aishwarya _ the sailor


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