A World of Cubicles

Taj Mahal is widely seen as a symbol of love while emperor Shah Jahan is greatly revered for this brilliant creation. Most of us don’t care or are not aware of the 20,000 artists whose hands were brutally chopped so that this wonder could not be replicated. Their sacrifice and identities are seldom acknowledged . And who the hell cares? We just want a perfect selfie for our facebook or instagram profiles so that we appear more acceptable and happy . Today many of us are toiling day and night building  someone else’s Taj Mahal. We are dedicating our youth,  energy and intelligence towards serving these masters. I’m speaking about the fancy corporate companies and hospitals that employ us and suck the energy out of us…

They trap us in their cubicle world.

The last three years that I have been working in Mumbai, I feel trapped in a cubicle. By cubicles I mean the corporate world . Well, I’m not a big fan of them. I see them as little cells to entrap our souls making us prisoners of the daily deadlines. Little cubicles, a product of our creation. There is no room for creativity. We are tamed to follow orders.

We have a mind to dream, limbs to wander and to sail in the world, a voice to express our views freely. What’s the use of their big bucks if you have to sulk for the weekend. Life is not meant to be lived only on the weekends, it should be lived everyday.

If you find the corporate culture too repressive then don’t be a part of this herd. Break these chains that bind you. There is nothing more important than your freedom, nothing more important than your voice. Get out of this cubicle world. You don’t have to tame your restlessness for it is your power.

This cruel world teaches you to labour and to labour. If you’re good then people will be intimidated and you will be pulled down, if you are not good enough you shall be ridiculed. The people who are truly successful are the ones who are willing to follow the instructions blindly, who are willing to steal other people’s original ideas to build their resume, people who are average. If you have the slightest idea that you deserve better than your present job, then do yourself a favour, don’t be a part of it.

Your resume doesn’t define you. You are defined by your dreams and ideas. Stop losing your life to titles. These titles are endowed by a soulless material world . There is no growth if you have to sell your soul in the name of gain, no victory if you are reduced to a slave. One day after years of labour and sacrifice even if you become a master of some sort , your soul shall be set to labour and you shall continue to lick the ass of the system that has killed your dreams. You will not be what you used to be, you are now ordinary, like the rest of the world, suited with a stupid suitcase.

Don’t seek the approval of others. Sheep will never approve of lions. They will only work hard to make their herd stronger. Their fickle mindedness is like those trees that are bent by any random wind. You don’t have to take shelter under them.

Its time to look at yourself,  to gather all your broken pieces. These scars are your strength, which shall make you more confident. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. Get out of this stupid cubicle world.

Build your own Taj Mahal.

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