Footloose in Himalayas: The Indrunag Temple


Every village has its own stories, its own songs , its own rhythm and  flavour that fills your soul with contentment. Where sunsets beckon you home , where every season is celebrated , a place where you belong , a place you call home .  Where all troubles are forgotten , where you have the ease to set your own pace , a place to feel your heartbeat , to immerse yourself completely ,without a care for the future , without a care for sunshine. For both rain and sunshine are equally filling , each comes with its own joys. This is the essence of rustic village life.

Like every village which is lost in its charm is also a small village of Khanyara , kept hidden in the mighty Himalayas. A village where the mountains seem to kiss the sky . A village so exalted yet so welcoming. The village that is protected by Indrunag. Indrunag revered as the snake God is the benefactor and keeper of this village. The Himalayas has many snake Gods or ‘Nag Devtas’ . It is Indrunag of Khanyara which protects its people from all evils. Today I will take you to the Indrunag Temple.

The Indrunag temple, Khanyara


Where is the Indrunag Temple?

The Indrunag temple is situated at a distance of 5 km from Dharamshala , in the reclusive village of Khanyara. It is believed that all your heartfelt wishes are fulfilled here!

How to reach Indrunag?

You can hire a taxi from Dharamshala. The nearest aitport is Gaggal in Kangra. Khanyara village is 17 km (30 minutes) away from the airport. I took a taxi rental from Dharamshala. You can book one from Kangra as well. I was charged Rs 2300 for Dharamshala and Mcleodganj sightseeing.    ( Lucky Sharma taxi service- Ph no 9805038998) This option was the most suitable for me as I was left with only one day for both these places. You can even trek to this pristine place.

Story of Indrunag

According to a folktale there lived a demon on the foothills of Dharamshala, a worshipper of Lord Shiv. Pleased by his devotion Lord Shiv fulfilled his wish of becoming Indra, the lord of thunder . Filled with arrogance the demon employed the local shepherds and a saint for carrying him to the Indralok , the abode of  Indra. Growing restless the demon time and again said ‘sarp’ which means to hasten and also mean snake. The saint got angry by his restlessness and cursed him to become a ‘sarp’ or snake. The demon got transformed into a snake. He began praying to Lord Shiv . Lord Shiv said that He could not undo the curse but henceforth the demon will be worshipped as Indrunag ( nag- snake) and will have powers of both Indra and snake. It is believed that all your heartfelt wishes are fulfilled here.

Lord Indrunag

Other activities to Enjoy

Paraglide through the Dhauladhar



Enjoy the view of Dharamshala from IndrunagDSC_0780

I hope you visit this place if you plan your trip to Himachal.


Aishwarya_ thesailor.


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