The One I Love

The first time I saw his eyes, the eyes that were distant to  everybody were now close to me. They were peeping into my soul, calling out my name aloud. We were quiet but everything was heard. Something was rising within me, something so strong that it almost shook me yet I was too frozen to respond. I didn’t want to stop looking because I didn’t want to lose the  dream that I had just found. A desire of sharing myself, a desire of losing myself . As I entered into this unknown domain I left the shackles of imitation behind me . I was no longer a sheep but I was a bird with a song.  I felt that I was gazing into myself and all that had past was an illusion. The moment was magical. We didn’t say anything but we knew.

To the one I love the most….

I love and love you….

You cause my pulse to rise

You’re the reason for all the butterflies.

A particular brightness crosses my face ,

Like those crazy sunrays

That chase the mountains and the valleys,

Making their way through the bleak alleys,

Releasing the creatures from the nightly prison

It doesn’t depend on any season.

I’m released from myself when I’m close to you,

I feel a feeling which is always new.

Is it love that the world talks about?

I question myself but there are no doubts.

I shall say it aloud, I feel so proud,

I love and love you with all my heart and soul.

I was that aimless ship roaming in the vast sea,

Now I have a harbour to reach, a promise to keep.

Your shoulders is what I call home

Your smile is what I adore.

There is no past or future

There are no forwards or backwards

There is just this moment, so beautiful , so sublime

Making me feel like a windchime,

Your’re the wind which makes me sing,

So many laughters it does bring.

Like those ripples  in the placid lake

My indifference you did break.

I now feel more, there is an uproar

Your very presence makes me soar.

I’d been missing u all my life,

You were the ache that began with every daybreak,

The endless cry of the nightingale

The darkness after the evening sail

I’d missed u all these times

You were in the spaces of my empty rhymes

I knew you were there somewhere

Ready to cross my path.

With every breath, I feel a rush within my heart

So I shall say it aloud, I have no doubt

I love and love you with all my heart and soul.

……. the sailor gazes into the sea, there is a harbour to reach, a promise to keep.

Aishwarya_the sailor.


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