Mumbai…my love

Mumbai, my soul, my breath , my love. Today I have completed 3 years in Mumbai, the city of dreams where you can do anything or be anything. There is a constant rush, an unrest, an urgency that sets your system into motion with your heart throbbing and your emotions regurgitating. There is a desire to run, a desire to reach the sky, where anarchy springs hope and the Arabian sea carresses the soul. Its a place where random strangers seem familiar, a place you call home, thats my Mumbai, my love.

Its been 3 years and I again sit at the Marine Drive and hear the cry of the sea…

The cry of the sea…

It knows the secrets of the distant mountains and the stories of the distant lands. It is the unrest of the tales within its bosom that causes the unrest . It moves to the land where it whispers and retreats before words are heard and its stories are forgotten. Its carries a part of earth considering it its companion, not realising that its words were never heard, its stories never created a memory. Its the secret cry of the sea. I sit here again to decipher the secret language, maybe its narrating my story before its known to me.

And the story shall unfold, I shall continue to sail, secure in the arms of my sea. Till then I shall enjoy my 3 year anniversary. Hope to see you soon..

More posts to follow…

Aishwarya_ the sailor!

11 thoughts on “Mumbai…my love

      1. Haha..I thought you might have got done with them. And that’s why you’re here.
        Anyways. All the very best to you. I pray that you ace them all. Take care of yourself. And, I miss reading your work as well.
        Happy times ahead!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I saw you around after a long while so I misconstrued that you might have got done with your exams.
        I am doing pretty well. Also, it’s great to see you around though. I miss reading your work as well.
        Wishing you good fortunes to help you ace your exams.

        Liked by 1 person

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