Goa : Arpora Night Market

There is a Goa beyond the beaches, beyond the drunk laziness and the mad music. There is a Goa which is an amalgamation of different cultures, a riot of colours, which feasts in chaos and sleeps in tranquility. That’s my Goa beyond the beaches where people of different cultures gather together to celebrate their existence and organise a night market in Arpora, Goa. Here in this post I shall highlight the special features of the Arpora Night Market also known as the Ingo’s Night Market

Arpora Night Market is organized every Saturday in Arpora, North Goa in the months of November to April from 3pm to 3 am. It is 4.3 km from Anjuna Beach and 17.7 km Panjim. Let’s check out some cool features of this market

  1. Refreshing Tea- You will get many varieties of flavoured tea here and that too at very economical prices. The favours were so varied that making a choice was really difficult!!! I had never imagined that there was pineapple, strawberry, mango, coconut and even chocolate flavoured tea.
Tea with all flavours!!

2. Handcrafted Jewellery- If you’re a fan of trinklets/ imitation jewellery , then there is no dearth of it in this place. Infact you have landed in the paradise of the junk jewellery. If you don’t wear one I’m sure you will be definitely tempted to buy one.

3. Dance and Party- You can dance and party all night as you have the best bands at your service . Booze is also available if you are thirsty for some. You can also buy a musical instrument if the musician within you awakens!!!

Best bands come alive!!
You can even buy a musical instrument!!

4. Food- Eat to your heart’s contentment as there is food for everyone!

Don’t miss these hotdogs!!
For my Muslim friends(:
My love for momos finally redeemed!
For the sweet tooth!

5. Clothes and footwear- Please pack less and get ready to shop here as you’ll get everything that your hear desires.

Don’t forget to buy one..
For real warmth
Classic footwear

6. World of Chess- I had never imagined these many variants of chess . Don’t forget to shop from Roshan’s world of chess.

Meet Roshan the creator of these exquisite pieces

7. Colourful bedsheets- There cannot be anything more vibrant than these bedsheets.

8. Incense- If you want a trip to heaven then do visit these shops

9. Connoisseur of art- I was extremely lucky that I met a very talented artist Saroj who also puts his mother’s name Maya on every painting he paints. If you are a lover of art, please do buy one of his paintings.

Suraj and his Maya, the hidden artist of Goa.

10. Decoratives for gifting

11.Hammocks and swings for a restful sleep- sleep is most important, cannot get any better when you have a hammock.

This is just a glimpse of the night market. You should visit it for a complete experience.

there is ample parking space

I’m waiting to hear your stories of Arpora..till then Sayonara (:

Aishwarya _thesailor

2 thoughts on “Goa : Arpora Night Market

  1. Wow…. I’m packing my bag to visit Arpora night market….😍….thank you for all the details…. everything looks so amazing….so well described ….I think it would inspire everyone to visit this beautiful place…. atleast I will definitely go …
    …. waiting to read your next blog😊

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