This post is for the people who keep lying to themselves(including me!). It is for the ones who are waiting for a miracle to happen. Let’s get real and face the music. Life is not always pleasant and fair and you make it worse when you complain or blame or just sit idly feeling cast down. Take your time to heal but stop lying to yourself.  Don’t let yourself believe that you’re not worth something or it won’t happen. Its time to brace yourself for life. This post may seem a little harsh. I’m sorry if I hurt you…

Are there any wounds to be dressed?

Are there any bruise to be caressed?

How do you know if they are real?

How do you know if they will heal?

Scars of the war with self

Cannot be erased by any help,

Wounds inflicted by self doubt

Those lies to self that you continue to recount,

I see you bleeding from every spot

Slowly and slowly you begin to rot,

I see the pain in your eyes 

The hollowness in your smiles

And try to hear your silent cries

Slowly and slowly the world around you dies.

For what you see is your scarred face

You continue to blame your lowly days.

Those wounds you carry everywhere

And expect the world to love and care, 

Those wounds, oh those wounds

Are not real.

I again ask you, again and again

Are there any wounds to be dressed?

How do you know that they are real?

~ Aishwarya_the sailor

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