Winter is life’s longing for itself…..

 December has come and so has winter. It is becoming more powerful with every passing day.

 The time of the year when creatures hibernate, trees  shed their leaves, nature goes to sleep.

 Even nature requires rest and peace for its renewal and for beginning a new season.

 Its not a period of dormancy.

Its a time for introspection.

Its a time to make peace.

Its a time to dwell in warmth.

It’s the coldness outside that drives us towards warmth.

So its time to clear our hearts of negativity.

And embrace the winter spirit of resting, introspecting, and shunning all the negativity.

It is time to evoke the warmth within our hearts.

 Its time to celebrate our existence.

 Its your Soul’s longing for itself and your soul longs for love.

So what are you waiting for?

-Call those people whom you had always wanted to call

-Forgive your enemies

-Love yourself unconditionally

-Say hello to your neighbour

-Embrace your fears

-Eat with contentment

-Sleep with gratitude

The setting sun has stories to tell and so does the winter sky. Let those stories be filled with warmth and happiness.

Lots of Love

Aishwarya_the sailor

Mount Mary Church, Mumbai, India.

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