Knock on the Door

A call to the departed.

You’ve moved away but the memories are still alive. Pain feels beautiful when it wears the veil of memories, this one is for the ones who are never coming back.  

I shall wait for the knock on the door. 
The lamp will be lit by the fire of longing. It will be like a lighthouse waiting for your ship to sail on my harbour. I wish you came back as suddenly as you had left.

You were like the wave who after moving the earth beneath left me gazing at the ocean. You were no ordinary wave. You were the wave that made me fall in love with the sea. You shook the earth beneath me and took away my fear of tripping. You consumed me and at the same time made me more alive. This is what you mean to me.

I call your name aloud . All I can hear is my echo trying to create existence out of the void. You don’t answer back. I wonder if you are really dead. The part of you that moved me no longer exists.

I look at the distance that we had travelled together. I can only see my footprints. Yours have been eroded by the wind. The same winds try to caress me, create music to soothe me, but I’m numb and cold. 

The tears well up in my eyes, I’m no longer a princess,  I no longer rule the world. I had created castles out of illusions. I wish I had treaded more carefully. I wish I had not wandered. I wish I had taken the usual course. I wish I had not visited your shore.

But I still wait for a last knock on the door.

Your existence was as illusionary as the horizon. The sea and the sky never meet. I had always wished that we were different elements.

~ Aishwarya_ the sailor

Aishwarya_ the sailor

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