My Winged Beauty

To the friends who stay by our side even in the most adverse situations, friends who are willing to accept us even when the universe loses faith, for their courage and understanding, I dedicate the following passage to all those true human beings in the world, I love you all.

My Winged Beauty

Why do you visit these corners, my winged beauty ?

I have no gardens to offer,

No songs to sing,

No flowers blossom in these bleak alleys , 

Only darkness fills the air.

The sound of the last song has been long forgotten,

And  the idea of love can no longer be conceived

But you still visit me , my winged friend.

My fair weather friends have long departed,

The last leaves have fallen on the ground,

How do you still remember me?

We hadn’t made many conversations,

We hadn’t taken the long strolls

We had seldom seen the sunset together

We had seldom sworn

But you still stay by my side, my winged friend.

I don’t know if I should welcome you

Or turn my back away

For now I shall just rejoice in the fact

That I still have a winged friend.

Aishwarya_the sailor

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