To all those healed by love…

Of all the colours of the garden of life, colour me pink.

Colour me pink, take me to those meadows of innocence which were oblivious to the scars of the past. 

Colour me pink , for all my life I’ve waited for my memories to be erased….. Nobody was as earnest in his love that makes me undress to wipe away those scars that had cut me deep.

Today I allow myself to be coloured in pink.

Lost in your love, I begin to wander again, opening all the closed doors and windows to let the light enter, for there is no fear of burning, no fear of getting lost.                                                                                                                     

There are no wars to be fought, no questions left to be answered, no longing for tomorrow or a remembrance of the past, all I can feel is the happy sunshine, making me pink.

Pink, my colour of laughter, my bond of friendship, the song of acceptance, the gust of freshness, filling my soul.

For after several score winters have the flowers wished to blossom,

I cannot deny them the joy that they deserve. 

So I open my arms to the spring of pink.     



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