Within every person’s soul , there is music.

It’s not the hearbeat. Heartbeat is like a clock ticking, as soon as it will stop, our time will end. There is another music, music within our soul.

The music that is strengthened by our dreams. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t ignore your music. Dance with it and let it beat louder. 

Don’t stop listening to it . Don’t let it cease. For you are a sum of YOUR dreams. 

You are much more stronger, much more faster, an infinite bundle of energy. You can get whatever you wish to sing. 
Write the song that you’ve always wished to sing. It’s never too late to sing your song . It’s the perfect time. You own it. You’re worth it. It’s time to realise your dreams. That fire of purpose keeps us alive. Dead are the ones who disregard their soul’s cries. You have within you the endless storm,  the rush of the sea, the anger of the fire and the sturdiness of the earth. You are all the elements put together so its time to gather yourself,  its time to feel your power. Its time to break all boundaries. 

Within every person’s soul there is music, music of their dreams.

Come out of your hiding, its time to spread your wings!!

Lots of love..

Aishwarya_ the dreamer.

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