A(part) of me

To all those who love….

Morning is always beautiful but there is nothing like the beauty of dawn , when you cannot see the sun but its love can still be felt.  The first rays that after an intense battle with the darkness steps in and brightens everything. Its relentless course , the fire and hope . That is love. A love so strong that it brings out the creatures from their hiding. 

The flowers create fragrance for the butterflies, the wind keeps whispering to the sky, the sea trying to be close to the shore , all that’s love , if you can behold.

The dew settles  on the leaves every night only to be consumed by the day, but it comes back again, that’s love.

The birds sing only to be lost in the chaos of the world. They don’t sing to be remembered. They sing because they love , love for the long lost lover. A fire burning through their soul, creating the sweetest music. 

And I wait everyday, till life clears up the mess and creates room for us. Room for the light to enter, so that I may become alive again. Darkness will dread to enter as there would be so much light . Seasons will continue to change but my love for you shall remain, my passion will never grow old. My heart shall remain young for its a heart full of love.  And so I shall wait everyday. Thats all I’d EVER wanted to say.                             

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