Queen of Hills – Shimla

Is there a place in a state of continuous turmoil , like a perpetual mood swing ? It will be sunny in the morning , then windy by afternoon , may suddenly start snowing by late afternoon and then may be again sunny by evening and windy by night . These are the unpredictable  state of affairs of Shimla. It is not able to fix its mind on one weather. More moody than a hormonal woman !! This is the beauty of Shimla. You don’t have to understand it , you just have to rejoice in the changing faces ! You can try carrying an umbrella but nothing can protect you from its wrath when it rains. The strong winds will leave you drenched ! You can try a raincoat ! It maybe covered with clouds , may frown all day long but without shedding a drop of rain . It maybe sunny at one hour and then snowy in the next hour. How can you not fall in love with this unrest !! This is the town of Shimla. And those strong winds that freshen you up have a cerain quality . They really shake you up and bring you to life . Your worries are cast away and you become yourself . There is a peculiar emptiness , a kind of loneliness in the ambience , like a longing for a long lost lover  and once it connects with your soul , you can never leave this place . You will fall in love with this place . You won’t require any company . You will be drunk in its beauty.

What is the best season to visit Shimla ???

All seasons are perfect.

Summer – You can escape the heat of the planes and embrace the cool wind of the hills. You can chase the butterflies or admire the beauty of the blue summer skies. All the birds and insects will come out of their hiding and you shall rejoice in the universal music! You can enjoy the long evening strolls and the noon sun is also not that angry .


Summers are the time when tourists flock to hills in large numbers . Before planning your vacation there are certain things to keep in mind

  • Water scarcity does exist at times . It is important to enquire that your hotels and bnbs are well equipped to deal with it.
  • Carry a light cardigan . Although its summer but with Shimla you can never tell . June – August are the months when you do not require a sweater at all . But it does get a little cold in the evening.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Yes shoes!! No matter where you stay , you will have to walk in Shimla. There are certain places where vehicles are totally restricted so the only option left with you is walking!! Save yourself froom footsores, get your own shoes instead of buying them here!
  • A universal advice – carry your own drinking water !!


Almost heaven, lush green mountains and the petrichor that fills the air. You also find peculiar plant species like the curved hood cobra lily ( Arisaema tortuosum ) and a variety of ferns and mosses. There is a bounty of flora without a trace of mosquitoes. You can see the mountains in their supreme glory . The temperature is perfect for refreshing your soul. It is a perfect idea to make a short trip to this little town during the monsoons      ( July – August- mid September ).

Besides carrying an umbrella , do visit  these places to experience the best of this season

  • Walk from Ridge to Jakhu hill 04082011

Certainly a walk to remember . Although cabs and ropeway is available to reach Jakhu , but this short trek is preferred during the monsoons. Be careful of the monkeys.

  • Forest Road also known as the lover’s lane . There are numerous forest roads but this particular road connects mall road with Sanjauli. It is a continuation from the Jakhu hill . It is desolate, the only sound that you gonna hear will be of your own foot steps. You will also come across the famous five benches , one of the spookier spots of Shimla. Well I didn’t experience any paranormal activity there but then you can try your luck!!
  • Other places which are best visited during monsoons include – The Glen forest Road , Tara Devi Hills , Chadwick Falls.


Its a world full of colours in autumn. Autumn is the season when the dahlias are in full blossom. They begin blossoming towards late monsoon but it is monsoon when they are in full splendour.  The mountains are decorated by its varied hues. The air is full of its incense and those of the falling leaves. The winds are sharp but the sun is also bright. You can do well with a cardigan. Everywhere there are falling leaves, leaves dancing in the fresh blowing wind. I don’t know if they sing a song of melancholy or joy. After bidding a fairwell to their trees they become a part of the earth.

Best walks to be taken – Chaura Maidan to Summer Hill , Chaura Maidan to Viceregal Lodge. Enjoy your time at the Viceregal Lodge . The falling leaves and the strong winds impart a certain spooky quality to that place and you wish to stay there for a longer duration.



Who can escape from the romance of winter? The cosy bed with hot soup in which you never seem to get enough sleep , those multiple layers of clothing , long overcoats and heavy jackets have their own charm  . The icy cold winds, the bleak roads and the comforting snowfall. The joy of making the first snowman  or playing with snow with the local kids. In Shimla there is a hundred day long vacation during the winter months so you can easily spot those noisy school children playing cricket in the narrow lanes ! Hundred days .. Can you imagine?

After the first blanket of snow covers this town, its quiet yet bright. The night sky is less dark due to the reflection of light. The entire place is lit up .


I’m not writing much about spring!! Its the time when the forests are full of Rhododendrons and all the birds that had escaped the harsh winters have now returned. Maybe I’ll write everything about spring on some other day and dedicate a full post to it !!I I’m busy packing my bags for my coming trip to Shimla.

I hope you all are joining me !!!

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