Why is it important to Travel ?

Travelling is not a luxury . It is a necessity , the innate need of the soul. When we live in the same place with the same set of people , We develop certain stringent notions about the world . Beliefs so powerful that they intoxicate and suffocate us . Every moment we march closer towards our end, our enthusiasm dies , our soul is injured but we don’t realize it as we’re blinded by the delusion of self importance.  We begin to live in a shell and try to exert our importance by becoming dominating and controlling. Our behavior is seasoned by the environment. We become pseudo Gods ,not realizing that we’re just a speck in this infinite universe. Hence travel becomes a necessity. It is important to experience our limitations and to feel alive in the restlessness , to feel grateful and to experience joys in the smallest of things , to breathe fresh air , to walk on the soggy soil , to sleep under the starry sky that unites us all and to make us forget ourselves . Yes it is important to forget ourselves , our pseudo shallow selves who only cares for ones need and to be a part of the divine entropy. We can allow the wonders of the universe to caress our souls only when we are willing to forget ourselves . So breakout of your monotonous schedule , get rid of the routine that binds you , you are not meant to live by the rules , you are a free bird who wants to fly . You are limitless and you gotta give it a try.706

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